Accessing wifi panel is what all people from different regions love using. Sometimes free wifi is essential for people traveling to other countries where their sims and cellular data connection does not work, or sometimes people who can’t afford mobile data or network.

From coffee shops to hotels and restaurants to malls, colleges, offices, or a bus stand, free wifi is available everywhere. Without wasting our data, we can download whatever we want. But it is not safe.

As the saying goes, free can be costly; here are five reasons why public wifi is a public health hazard.


  • Private information is getting leaked


Our phones or laptops contain certain information that is private and secured for us. Nowadays, we don’t bother to log out from our social accounts or any apps we use.

So we use unsecured or unencrypted wifi connections, there is a chance of our private information getting stolen or our apps and social accounts getting hacked.

Deranged cybercriminals sometimes as an act of revenge or as an act of fun, spread malicious comments through a stolen or hacked account, causing slander of the person of the said hacked account.


  • Bank accounts are getting hacked


Most of the time, our bank accounts are connected with our phone numbers or email numbers. Data thieves and hackers can track and trace the people in a specific free wifi zone and spot the weak or unprotected systems.

They hack those devices and gather sensitive information that ultimately results in our money getting vanished from our banks. Sometimes we don’t even realize that the money saved in our bank accounts is reducing daily, but when we notice it, it is already late.

Sometimes online net banking or shopping, using debit/credit cards through weak and vulnerable wifi connection, result in these crime shenanigans.


  • Invasion of Privacy


Many perverts or cybercriminals hack webcams or front cameras and invade our privacy. They spread accusations or slander and also blackmail the victims through these activities by capturing our vulnerable or intimate moments.

Sometimes terrorism or anti-national activities can continue without the knowledge of the owner of those devices. As a result, the owner of the tools can be falsely accused of criminal activities.


  • Public crowds


People love free wifi connections. So they usually gather at a place that provides them with free wifi. Because of the gathering of many people, it creates a considerable crowd. It causes a great deal of convenience for other people where they cannot move freely. This can lead to a stampede or a public fight


  • Exposure to virus and worms


Viruses and worms are malicious software applications that can penetrate through the computer because of network vulnerability or unsecured wifi connections. They spread from one computer to another one through self-replication, damaging the laptops and devices in the process.

Rivals can destroy any business data or any proposal. A lot of gaming companies face such inhuman attacks when an employee of the company uses free wifi, where it is not unsecured or unencrypted, leading to loss of information. Thus, it is a must to ensure your online safety in today’s time.