iGaming Software development Services is growing at a very fast pace, a few colossus companies are working on it and All these companies that are working on developing iGaming software understand the importance of iGaming software. Because from the future point of view, it may prove a big investment.

In this current scenario, iGaming has rapidly grown in the application world because at present 60% of people use mobile phones for their entertainment purpose just like a photo shoot, social media, watching the video, and most important for playing games because gaming keeps your mind healthy and fresh. Also, it gives you a chance to win cash just by playing online games like Esports, 3D games, Sportsbook, Poker, Rummy, Fantasy Sports including Cricket, Football, Soccer, and many more.  

Every year, a few changes in iGaming software development take place and bring a change in this field. Most of the new technologies are changing the way of doing business and incorporating new insights into the business. There are significant changes that are taking place in the past few years. Let see what new technology updates have come up in this field.

Top 10 iGaming Software Development Technologies in 2020:

1. Blockchain Technology:

When we talk about Blockchain Technology, it is used in various places including Cryptocurrency, healthcare, finance etc. This technology is ready to influence all other sectors, at present this technology is creating a great image in the finance sector. Blockchain helps to cut the operational cost of banks and they enjoy the benefit of saving money. 

A few example of the sectors that uses blockchain technology:

  • IoT (Internet of Things) uses blockchain technology for secure communication. IoT works on billions of devices and sensors however the risk is very high due to broad chain of communication. Blockchain technology offers full- security to IoT. 
  • Blockchain offers reliable data for better analytics and offers the right parameters for the forecast. Businesses need data with proper analytics and blockchain to provide the right kind of data and security features. 
  • Supply chain management is a very complicated field wherein a lot of manual work is required. Blockchain improves the process of SCM and streamlines its functions.

2. Artificial Intelligence:

This new revolution in computer science intended to make machines work that humans can do. AI is very broad in approach it includes language processing, machine learning, and deep learning. You can judge it’s growth by its capabilities and benefits like image and video recognition ability, Face recognition software. Provide scalable and reliable processing data of patients to doctors and make the process of healthcare industry easy. Provide efficiency in work to the manufacturing sector. AI streamlines the process of business by giving chatbot facility. 

3. Cross-Platform Development:

Business owners are investing their capital in cross-platform development and also investing in their frameworks and programming languages for it.  You don’t need to invest your money for two different platforms, cross-platform work on flexibility where you can save your capital. 

4. Internet Of Things:

IoT is the integration of technologies like RFID, AI, ML, Big Data, Sensors. IoT is the network of Physical object devices, vehicles, gadgets, appliances, etc., and these devices use sensors. IoT is used at various platforms like manufacturing industries, the oil industry where they need to maintain an optimal level of expensive machinery. This new technology helps to manage a supply chain, logistics, and inventory. IoT provides various advantages to self-driving cars and other connected devices. It also offers advantages to the transportation industry by improving its fleet efficiency. 

5. CyberSecurity:

Cybersecurity is a must while developing an application; otherwise you will face the problem regarding the financial loss. You should be proactive for such decisions. 

Application risks are as follows: 

  • Incorrect implementation of identity and access management
  • Inadequate security configurations
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS)
  • Ineffective authentication
  • Exposure of sensitive data
  • XML external entities (XXE)
  • Using outdated software with known vulnerabilities
  • Sub-optimal logging and monitoring processes.
  • Deserialization without adequate security and more. 

6. Low Code Development:

The businesses are working on a low code development approach that helps to minimize hand-coding and improve the efficiency of software development. This approach not only helps to improve efficiency but also provides expected results by reducing the manual task time. Low code development simplifies the difficult process of coding.  

7. Progressive Web App:

The progressive web app is a mixture of mobile applications and web applications. Progressive web apps offer high-quality user-experience. A poorly designed web app can negatively affect the performance of your business and can decrease the growth rate. PWA helps to reduce the cost of development and reduce the chance of bad user-experience. Most of the well-known businesses like Google and Adobe are already enjoying the benefits of this new technology. 

8. Cloud Computing:

In 2020, it is expected that cloud computing evolution will continue. There is recently 70 percent of companies in the market that are using cloud computing. This technology is available at affordable prices so the popularity of this technology is increasing. It reduces the problem of data storage and offers a secure and reliable database alternative. This entire process increases security and transparency and provides suitability to the Finance, Health, and Logistics sector. 

9. 5G Technology:

It is the most popular technology for which all the people are looking forward to. Companies are waiting for this new technology that will provide higher internet speed than 4G. This new technology will provide the best internet connectivity to internet users that will improve the operating efficiency of employees. 

10. Code Quality:

With the development of Low code Technology, code quality is automatically improving. The companies are adopting this approach for increasing the quality of websites. 

Aspects of Code Quality are:

  • Reliability
  • Robustness
  • Maintainability
  • Readability
  • Consistency
  • Predictability, etc. 

Every company designs a strong strategy for development and ensures code quality. 


Technology is evolving so the trends are changing. iGaming Software development process requires strong strategy support that can give an ultimate path to develop iGaming software. The entire industry is influenced by above technological trends. As an entrepreneur, you can use all such technologies to expand and grow your business. All the technologies will help to cut the cost and improve the quality of services. I hope this read will help you to know about the iGaming Software Development technologies.

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