Currently, there are a variety of casino game development agencies here in India; hence picking the most efficient one that meets your expectations might be a challenge. The technological advancement of gaming software and smart-phone usage increase has had a tremendous effect on the rapid rise of online gaming development agencies.

Our article is going to focus precisely on the top 10 casino game development agencies in India.

1. Mobzway

Mobzway is among the top casino game development agencies in India in that; it has a wide customer base that cuts across Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. It has compatible software that runs on both Android, IOS, and Windows mobile. It has high-quality graphics and sound effects for games such as roulette, slots game, blackjack, among others.

Its web browser comes with an HTML5 technology that can play from the MAC or windows. The Mobzway also has a secured payment system that involves an anti-fraud operation system, cryptocurrency, and Fiat use. Lastly, the casino game has a live hand history and is RNG certified.

2. CreatioSoft

Creatiosoft is among the significant growing casino game developers in India. It has developed interactive games like catch the bull, Vasco slots, bingo, among others. It develops games for android, window, and IOS operating systems. Creatiosoft is known to have 300 games launched across major mobile phone platforms.

3. SuperSike Games

The superSike game, which obtains its graphics from 19 studios, has made a name for itself by competing against global companies. It has produced 3D game development and testing services. It has produced games like the catchy basket, paintball game, treasure match, etc.

4. Apar Games

Being the casino gaming development team of Apar Global PVT ltd, they have cemented their legacy by having developed Consoles, IOS, Android, and PC games. Apar games are a force to be reckoned with as they have six awards below their belt for their tremendous contribution to the global gaming scene. It has developed many games such as Dicey, Empire of a Billionaire, Scribbled Arena, Crime Mystery, among others.

5. Zebu Games

The zebu games are another top 10 contenders in the casino game development agency. It develops android and IOS games. The zebu games are known to offer gaming development services, design services, casual strategy, and power games. It has developed games like word mint, goon school, follow the dots, etc.

6. RV Technologies 

Known for developing casino games such as the space shooter, thruway, feral frenzy, etc, RV Technologies has expertise in digital marketing, animations, 2D/3D designs, app, and web development. Their primary services also include Facebook game development, PC, digital art among other services.

7. 99 Games

The 99 games stand out above most casino game developers. With over 44 milion downloads, and 99 games receiving numerous innovative awards, clearly shows 99 games means business. The company has numerous awards for the games they have developed. Other services include animation, gaming design, etc. The games developed include spell up, the game, Dhoom 3, among others.

8. Hashbyte Studio 

The hashbyte studio is known to have developed casino games such as the unicorn run by Trinitee, heads up trading, battle cow, etc. The hashbyte develops, designs, tests, and also delivers entertaining and interactive games currently in the market. Their other services include 3D unity game development. The developers now have projects across the globe and are as a force to be reckoned.

9. Juego Studios

Juego Studios is competing on the international stage. It devours its competition by the production of high-quality games across the popular mobile operating systems, mac pc, and Windows phone. It is also known to have specialized in AR/VR, IoT solutions, desktop, console, among other game developments. Some of its popular games include the adventure Quest, the Hobbit, hopster Ebooks, among many others.

10. Dhruva Interactive

With over 100 games across several platforms, Dhruva interactive is a suitable contender. It offers highly entertaining games such as spooky treats, Nano swat, Bazzle, etc. Its other leading service includes the console, pc, art, and casino game development. Lastly, it’s known to produce a porting service too.


India is on the global map when it comes to being tech-savvy; hence the rapid increase of online gaming that creates mostly entertaining and interactive games. I hope the article did justice by listing the top 10 contenders of Casino Game Development Agencies in India.